TRN Conch Earphone High-Performance DLC Diamond Diaphragm Dynamic in-Ear Monitors Interchangeable Tuning Nozzle Filters Hot Sale

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Brand Name: TRN

Style: In-ear

Vocalism Principle: Dynamic

Origin: Mainland China

Active Noise-Cancellation: No

Material: Metal

Control Button: No

Communication: WIRED

Volume Control: No

Category: Earphones & Headphones

Frequency Response Range: 20 - 20000

Wireless Type: bluetooth

Resistance: 30

Sensitivity: 114

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Important Notice:

  1. This product only supports one-year warranty for orders from the TRN official store.

  2. Products purchased from other stores are not covered by the warranty.

Pure Sound Quality from the Ocean

In this fast-paced era, we offer you a moment of tranquility, an opportunity to be alone with music. Like a guardian spirit, TRN Conch immerses you into a musical ocean, allowing you to feel the waves of sound and the rhythm of every note. Experience unique moments when you are one with the melody.

High-Power Drive: Oceanic Sound Quality

TRN Conch boasts a dual-circuit design that optimizes magnetic flow, ensuring magnetic and thermal stability of the driver unit under high load. This reduces harmonic distortion and enhances sound resolution and clarity, delivering a richer, more realistic stereo sound for a purer listening experience.

Superior Diaphragm, Superior Sound: DLC Diamond Composite Diaphragm

To elevate sound quality, TRN Conch incorporates a DLC diamond composite diaphragm. It merges a high-resistance substrate with a nano-thin layer of DLC amorphous carbon. The outcome is a diaphragm with outstanding electroacoustic performance, minimizing speaker diaphragm vibrations, reducing audio distortion, and enhancing high-frequency extension and resolution.

Versatile Audio Experience: Interchangeable Tuning Nozzle Filters

TRN Conch features three interchangeable nozzle filters for customizable sound styles. Each filterhas a distinct inner diameter size and mesh, emphasizing different audio zones:Reference (black sealing ring) | Translucent (blue sealing ring) | Atmosphere Enhancement (red sealing ring)

Optimized Sound Cavity: Dive into the Sound

To reproduce superior sound quality and soundstage, we've meticulously optimized the earphone's sound cavity. Its ingenious design, paired with the acoustically stable liquid metal outer cavity, minimizes noise reflection. Carefully placed air holes introduce more air volume while regulating airflow, synergizing with the high-performance DLC diamond diaphragm to produce pure and natural sound.

Liquid Metal Cavity: Art Meets Precision

The exterior boasts a liquid metal cavity design, crafted through intricate procedures. Beyond its sturdy body, the textured surface within the cavity diminishes standing waves for purer sound. The mirror electroplating process adds a contemporary touch, balancing durability with artistic elegance.

Comfort Meets Quality

The "conch" design optimally fits the ear, while the ear-hook design aligns closely with the ear canal's shape, ensuring comfort and stability during extended use.

Audiophile-Grade Cable with Flexible Connectors

The Conch features a 4-core silver-plated, oxygen-free copper braided cable, melding the benefits of both materials to enrich sound. This boosts resolution, capturing finer details with unmatched clarity. Included connectors: 3.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.4mm.